I am losing my current healthcare insurance due to legislative or employment changes. What are my options?

Health Insurance may come in several forms.  If you are employed and your employer offers a group plan, this will likely be your best option.  If you lose your employment and related healthcare coverage, you may be eligible for COBRA.  If these are not available to you, you may purchase insurance in your state’s insurance marketplace.  

If you are 65 or older, or legally disabled, and a US citizen or permanent resident, you are eligible for Medicare.  Other circumstances may also qualify you for Medicare.  See the official Government Medicare link in my “Useful Links” tab for more info.

If concerned you may not be able to afford any of these, your State and Federal governments offer Medicaid and other forms of Extra Help in paying for your health insurance and healthcare expenses.  Again, I’ve attached the link to Connecticut’s Department of Social Services webpage in my “Useful Links” tab for additional reference.

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